About Us

Harbour is a global logistics company with over 35 years of experience and a long-standing reputation for quality service and continuous improvement. Harbour distinguishes itself as a “niche” service provider, working for a select group of customers with whom it shares a common understanding of continuous improvement in the business of global logistics.

These significant principles are the core of Harbour’s business practices:

  • Our work always starts with the customer.

  • The customer wants value: the right service at the right time, place, and price with perfect quality.

  • The business of global logistics is a process. Each process must be carefully documented and then studied on a continuous basis by the individuals involved. Ideas for improvement are shared, agreed upon and then implemented. Through these means, we will sustain the process and at the same time, learn how to increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve service.
  • Statistical measurements provide an objective means of measuring our progress. Segments of the process are systemically measured and the results are communicated to all participants.

  • The achievement of zero waste means that every step in the value stream must be valuable, capable, available, adequate, and flexible. These steps must flow smoothly from one to the next.

  • Our aim is to perfectly satisfy the customer with zero waste.